Cotton T-shirts are the standard that everyone owns and understands, however, there is now an alternative that is much more sustainable and performs so much better, making it the ideal T-shirt to wear all day, every day.

We have created, what we believe to be the world’s best T-Shirt by blending 3 unique fibres together that complement each other and provide the highest performance characteristics.

The first fibre is TENCEL. This has Botanical Origins such as recycled wood waste, it’s extremely strong, durable and has a soft, luxurious silky feel, yet performs extremely well when you exercise. The fibre is incredibly breathable, wicking seat and drying fast while maintaining a cool and dry feeling. The fibre is naturally antibacterial, stopping bacteria from breeding and causing those nasty odours other synthetic sports T-shirts have after a couple of wears.

Blended to the Tencel is Bamboo, again having great wicking and drying properties and helps cool the body and when paired with the Tencel, offers a sustainable marriage of fibres that are biodegradable and recyclable.

Added to this is a small amount of elastane to the Tencel/Bamboo blend to improve the stretch and movement of the T-shirt along with reducing creasing and therefore the need to iron the T-shirt after washing.

Because of the high quantity of antibacterial Tencel fibres, the T-shirt won’t require as much washing as a traditional cotton T-shirt allowing you to wear the T-shirt for several consecutive days without any bad odour. This makes it the ideal T-shirt to wear when travelling or as a T-shirt for the gym, as you know you can exercise in confidence that you smell better than the guys wearing polyester. (Fact - Up to 2000 times fewer bacteria grow on Tencel fibres compared to polyester)

This unique blend we have created not only performs better than synthetic T-shirts, but it's super environmentally friendly to produce, using up to 20% less water to produce than cotton without the need for pesticides and solvents. Built from fast-growing and sustainably harvested botanical fibres, our Tencel/Bamboo blend will biodegrade and decompose naturally in soil when it is disposed of, maintaining its earth-friendly benefits.

It’s also a great T-shirt to ride to work in, again, wicking any sweat you generate if you ride hard and drying super-fast without needing to change when you arrive at the office.

The result is a high-performance T-shirt with a super-strong, yet ultra-soft touch that is highly sustainable and biodegradable.