Dressing naked is the 1st most sustainable fashion. FR3ND is the 2nd.

Wearing nothing isn’t for everyone and unless you are in a dedicated naturalist area, it may get you into trouble! Wearing shirts made from environmentally friendly fibres adorned with eco trims and components contribute to our sustainable shirts, however, this isn’t the whole story.

Using fibres such as Tencel, Bamboo and Merino which are all-natural, sustainable, and biodegradable is only the start of our product development. Making a shirt last longer that doesn’t need to be washed after every wear really makes the difference, not only helping to remove waste but saving power and water along with the life of our shirts.

Washing garments is incredibly harmful. It not only uses a huge amount of water and power, but each garment loses thousands of fibres every time they are washed, breaking down the structure of the fabric and eventually reducing the life of the garment significantly. These fibres contaminate the water system and will end up in the ocean if they are made from synthetic fibres.

Because our fibres are 100% natural and eco-friendly, they degrade fast and therefore never reach the oceans. As they degrade they put back the natural nutrients that helped grow the natural fibres in the first place, recycling the goodness back into the earth.

One feature we have focussed heavily on is odour. All our shirts are made with fibres that repel odour and bacteria, common in cotton and synthetic shirts. Because the fibres repel bacteria and odour, you can wear our shirts for several days without any odour build-up and the fact our shirts don’t crease like cotton shirts, you can wear our shirts for weeks without the need to wash them. This not only saves huge amounts of water and power but prolongs the life of our shirts as they maintain the high level of fibres for much longer.

The trims and components we select for our shirts are also made from sustainable materials, so they biodegrade quickly without harming the earth when they do. This feature is incredibly important to us as we know synthetic fibres take decades to degrade and when they do, they pollute the earth where they are buried, and this isn’t acceptable.

We source the finest eco friendly fibres based on their performance and quality rather than cost and then produce small batches at a time in the knowledge we won’t overstock and need to discount our shirts because we made too many. Only when we sell though, do we make the next batch, keeping small, family-owned factories we have partnered with busy throughout the year rather than buying bigger volumes and producing once.

This limited batch production allows us to hold the price of our shirts throughout the year, giving confidence to our customers that the price they paid for their shirts is the same price that everyone paid, every day of the year.

We can’t be 100% sustainable and this is why we have partnered with ONE TREE PLANTED and donate 1% of our profits to plant trees to help offset our carbon footprint.

We are very proud of our shirts. We have engineered them to be as sustainable as possible, perhaps not quite as sustainable as dressing naked, but a close 2nd.