Due to this belief, our business is run, and our products are engineered to create as little impact on the environment as possible. We don’t agree with disposable fast fashion and seasonal trends, instead, we focus on timeless classics that look great yet cause as little environmental damage as possible. By researching and developing over and above the industry standard, we have developed our products to limit the impact on the environment when they are produced, worn, washed and eventually disposed of.

We understand that as the world wakes up to the environmental crisis caused by producing unsustainable clothing made from synthetic fibres and bad manufacturing processes, that things need to drastically change in the clothing industry, not only in the way items are produced but also the lifetime of the products, including how they degrade after use in landfills.

All our products are developed to use natural fabrics using sustainable fibres and components wherever possible, to reduce the impact to our planet, not only in the production but also during the life of the product. Through being naturally antibacterial all our products resist the build-up of bacteria that cause odours, minimising the need to wash them as much as traditional garments.

Our products are very carefully considered at inception to be classic, long-lasting products that don’t date, last and are produced using quality components, fibres and a supply chain that are as kind to the planet as possible, both in their creation but also after the garments life so that it biodegrades harmlessly. Every component we use is specified based on its impact on the environment for both the production of the specified part, but also where and how it is produced and what impact it has when it ends up in a landfill.

When our products come to the end of their natural life and are eventually retired to landfill, due to using natural fibres and components they will degrade in months rather than decades like synthetics, adding back the nutrients and minerals into the soil.

Alongside developing products that are as sustainable as possible, we are proud to partner with One Tree Planted, a non-profit dedicated to global reforestation. Our commitment to One Tree Planted is to try and offset our carbon footprint by donating 3% of our annual profit or plant 1 tree per shirt sold (whichever is the greatest).

How we do business and treat our suppliers is a cornerstone of our brand values. We strive to be completely transparent and only work with suppliers that provide fair and safe working conditions. We choose our materials and suppliers based on these values and quality rather than cost.