Our Merino Shirts are the perfect shirt for your daily commute, even if you decide to ride to work.

They have been designed to accommodate the performance requirements of your average daily commuter that cycles to work by engineering in specific attributes that help keep you cool, smart and odour free. These features allow you to confidently cycle to work wearing your merino shirt, knowing that when you arrive, you won’t need to get changed into another shirt OR repulse your colleagues with bad odour that is caused by wearing cotton or polyester shirts.

Typical Cotton shirts crease fast and soak up sweat generated by you cycling, however they remain soaked in sweat for hours as cotton is a very slow drying fibre. Polyester blended shirts dry much faster, however they generate heat, meaning you sweat more.

Merino on the other hand regulates your temperature, so if it’s cold outside, you stay warm but as you warm up when you start to cycle faster, the shirts starts to cool you, keeping you much more comfortable during your commute.

Our merino wool shirts dry super-fast and don’t attract and breed bacteria like synthetic or cotton shirts, meaning your shirt won’t smell when it dries, allowing you to conduct a day’s business in confidence without the need to change into a new shirt or douse yourself in aftershave and deodorant. In fact, because merino wool doesn’t attract bacteria, you can wear your shirt for several days, even if you ride to work every day without the need to wash it, saving you time, water and power.

Merino also has built in natural stretch, allowing you to move freely when you ride to work without the restrictions of typical cotton work shirts that don’t stretch. It is also naturally crease resistant without the need of special chemicals, allowing you to turn up to work looking as sharp as you did when you left home.

Our merino shirts are naturally UV resistant, so you can be confident that when you ride to work in the summer months, you are protected from the harmful UV rays.

The current coronavirus has meant social distancing is no longer a part time survival tactic and more a new way of life. Public transport with crowded carriages, platforms and buses become less used as more people decide to cycle to work to avoid the crowds, with governments around the globe supporting commuting to work by bike by investing heavily into new infrastructure for cycling. The UK has already announced an investment of a £2 billion package to put cycling and walking at the heart of Britain’s post-coronavirus transportation plan with the view to reduce the crowding on public transport and gridlock on our roads.

This “Healthy opportunity” for people to get fitter and improve their physical and mental health is one positive to come out of the Covid-19 situation and we may now see a huge increase in the number of commuters cycling to work in the same way the Danes have done for many years. Not only are there the health benefits to be enjoyed by the cyclists, the planet will also benefit as there will be less traffic, buses and trains being needed, not to mention the financial benefit of cycling to work for free…