Do you work in an office? Do you want to cycle part or all the way to work? When you arrive at work you don’t want to get changed into work attire but simply switch on the coffee machine and computer and start your day? You don’t want to smell like you have worked out. You want a dry shirt. You want a crease-free shirt.

That all seems impossible right? Well, it was until we invented the best cycling shirt​ for your commute by bike which is ideal for smart office attire but offers you the benefit of performing while you cycle to work but also keeps you looking and smelling sharp for the rest of the day.

You no longer need to take additional shirts to work and get changed or worry that you smell like you have worked out with Chris Hoy on your ride to work as the FR3ND merino cycle shirt takes this all in its stride.

The merino cycle shirt is breathable, keeping you cool on the bike and wicks your sweat and then dries it super-fast. The major benefit of merino is that the sweat you generate doesn’t breed bacteria on the merino fibres and therefore doesn’t smell. This means you can ride as hard as you like to work and be confident that the shirt won’t hold those nasty smells cotton and synthetic shirts love to breed.

Merino wool has natural stretch built into the fibres as each fibre is grown crimped like a spring and recoils if the fibres get bent so your shirt never looks creased.

We have cut the shirt with a longer tail so that it stays inside your trouser waistband easily when you are on the drops and racing off the lights and the merino fibres will keep you cooler than synthetic cycle jerseys or shirts as it regulates your temperature, keeping you cooler when you start to heat up or the sun is out.

What’s really clever is you can wear the shirt for several days on the trot without needing to wash it as it’s naturally anti-bacterial so won’t ever smell and the crease free nature of the yarn will keep you looking smart for days.

Sure, we don’t recommend you enter the next Tour de France wearing our merino cycle shirts but for most gentle commutes to the office and back, you can’t get much better than a FR3ND shirt, especially if you want the look of a traditional smart tailored shirt.