Recently, we gave our Merino Polo Shirt for some real world testing from a cyclist's perspective and it is great to hear that they rank our Polo Shirts better value than any of our competitors due to the 100% merino wool which we use.

Polo Shirt Side

Due to the 100% Merino Wool which we use, our shirts feel nice whether you are sitting on the bike or at the local pub, as says - "If only all base layers were this silky; my word it's nice.".

All of our products are fully tested off and on the bike, to ensure that they are well cut and fit comfortably on and off the bicycle and it is great to hear that found the fit - "bang-on perfect, the hem coming down to mid-jeans back-pocket."

With our focus being on using 100% all natural materials, so that consumers can feel the benefit of the quality and we can be a sustainable business, it is great to see that "can't imagine buying anything less than 100%, as you're immediately compromising the major benefits of pong protection and temperature regulation."

You can read their full detailed review of our Merino Polo Shirt today.