As avid cyclists, we’re huge advocates of commuting to work by bike. Find the right route and it's far more interesting than travelling by car, train or bus and mentally, sets you up for the day ahead, allowing you to enjoy some valuable headspace before the mayhem that usually erupts when your emails start to ping into your inbox.

Depending on your commute, it's often much faster to cycle than use public transport and it’s definitely much cheaper, not to mention the health benefits of regular exercise.


We wanted to create the perfect T shirt for commuters that ride to work. Something smart enough to be worn under a more formal shirt or by itself in more casual industries. The design and fit would need to be modern and understated with a high-quality finish, suitable for professional attire. It needed to be highly breathable, quick-drying, crease and odour free.

The fabric was the key to making this T-shirt a success as we needed to manage the sweat generated by cycling hard, remained cool to the touch, dried incredibly fast and was antibacterial so that when you arrive at work, the T-shirt didn’t smell like typical synthetic sportswear does, revolting your colleagues and clients.

After many months of testing, we created a unique blend of Tencel, Organic Cotton and Spandex to give the very best performance any commuter required when they cycle to work.

Tencel fibre is the key ingredient. It’s has a very soft, luxurious and cool feel yet is incredibly breathable and fast-drying, coping well for those hard, fast rides to work. It’s also antibacterial, giving you the confidence the T-shirt won’t smell of body odour when you arrive at work and can be worn several days on the trot without washing and still won’t smell.

We blend Organic Cotton and Elastane to the Tencel to increase the wicking and natural hand feel while providing some stretch for ease of movement on the bike but critically helping to reduce creasing, keeping the T-shirt crisp and sharp throughout the day.

This blend of fibres makes it the ideal T-shirt to ride to work, but also has some great “GREEN” credentials. Tencel is made from Botanicals, usually wood waste, and is therefore completely sustainable. The manufacturing process to turn the wood pulp into fibre is a closed-loop, environmentally responsible process with high resource efficiency and low environmental impact. The process recycles water and reuses the solvent at a recovery rate of 99% and when the T-shirt comes to the end of its life, is compostable and biodegradable.

Organic cotton uses none of the harmful chemicals and pesticides used on standard cotton growth that contribute to over 16% of the world’s pesticides used on crops. Organic cotton is again a natural fibre that will degrade naturally in a landfill without leaving harmful toxins that a typical polyester sports T-shirt would leave.


The result is a smart, highly breathable, crease and odour free T-shirt, ideal for your daily ride to work as well as other sports such as gym, running and outdoor pursuits. We live every day in ours and we hope you agree, not all T-shirts are equal.