How we have engineered the best shirt for business travel

Finding the perfect shirt for business travel is tough. Traditional business shirts, with all their synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon, look fantastic when they come off the ironing board, but within minutes of being worn the fabrics become creased and you no longer look sharp. These shirts are simple designs void of any major branding or logos or offensive imagery, come with a nice range of colours and patterns with interesting features like the all-natural buttons.

There are some business shirts that are crease-resistant, however, these either use nasty chemicals such as formaldehyde to stiffen the fibres or they are made from toxic synthetic fibres (petrochemicals). Both of these are unfriendly to the environment but more concerning is that these synthetic fibres are in permanent contact with your skin for several hours a day.

The other major issue with traditional business shirts is odour, caused by sweating and bacteria build up on the fibres of the shirt. This odour then requires you need to launder the shirt at the end of the day and quite often, the odour built up on the synthetic shirt doesn’t disappear after washing and activates again when you wear it again. 

Our merino shirts have been engineered to be the perfect business travel shirt, due to its breathability and natural wrinkle-resistant features with the textile. This is because they are made from superfine merino wool that has natural anti-wrinkle built-in as each merino fibre springs back into shape if it becomes bend. This wrinkle-resistant feature keeps the shirt looking crease-free all day and also allows you to wash the shirt with very minimal or no ironing.

The merino shirts are also naturally anti-bacterial and don’t allow bacteria to breed or hold onto their fibres. The inside of the merino fibre absorbs vapour (body heat) and this helps the fabric breathe and helps keep the wearer comfortable by wicking away your sweat. This natural wicking and antimicrobial feature allows you to wear the shirt for several consecutive days without the fear that it will smell.

We have treated the shirts with a CO water and stain-resistant finish. We have selected the most environmentally friendly stain resistant finish that is 100% PFC free and protects the shirt from stains, allowing you to maintain a spotless shirt, even if you do spill your lunch.

Our merino wool shirts also have another handy trick of being thermo regulating. This basically warms you up if the conditions are cold (air-conditioned plane or office) but cools you when the climate is warm, keeping you more comfortable whatever the climate.

The end result is a shirt that is perfect for several days of business travel.